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Why Every Government Looks Like A Terrorist Organisation

Let’s Be Careful

I woke up one morning and realized my chances of being a Government President were  at zero percent and perhaps because even my chances of overcoming this serious issue was at zero percent so far as I sat soulful in meditation made me feel really anxious.

Here are some things I wish never existed.

  1. Injustice or justice? I realized the importance of our law systems in all countries but to what extent do these governments follow these laws that their citizens are supposed to follow? I find myself wondering about the so many times we have gone through an injustice and we may call it a miscarriage of justice or an illegality of the state but who really pays the price and who really suffers except the victim of the miscarriage of justice who is ultimately an innocent civilian?
  2. Riches or poverty? Thumbs up for communism because at this point am wondering who determines the cash flow of citizens in a state. Extreme capitalism with discretion to human rights is absolutely necessary. I always wonder why Africa chooses not to be a first world for this long? These governments just prove how vulnerable human beings are to their governments.
  3. Democracy or Dictatorship? Dictatorships have increasingly become un popular in preference to Democracy as of 2020. However not all is well with the so called Democracy where you find fundamental freedoms being infringed upon especially in the media and in broad day light. You go back and wonder whether governments have not gotten a license to terrorize their citizens more than trying to restrain unlawful activity.
  4. War or Peace? Again this is surprising that the current civilization has not been able to completely wipe out wars and ironically may be its fueling more wars as a consequence of nuclear development in the recent years.  In the current state of affairs there is something causing war from Africa, Asia, America or Europe around the globe. Countries break out into long term assaults as a result of internal and external attacks. The most depressing of course is when a foreign country decides to have war with its neighbors for selfish economic and power benefits in disregard to consequences to its citizens who become victims of a war they didn’t start. This kind of lawful behavior is criminal and terrorizes innocent dwellers.
  5. To be or not to be? Finally, only when you realize your full potential but no one will appreciate or respect what you are because superior powers always exist in every realm. When will life ever give us the potential to be all that we want to be when one superior power dominates everything in disregard to the feelings of the lower majority and in most cases rightfully we should deserve this though government immunity to our social challenges needs to be checked.

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