Once Upon A Time: Lovely Shubr Raatrii

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl. She was just eighteen years old and called Athens. She had long thin soft braids with tiny frills of hair that dangled at the tips in a mass of gold wavy locks. Her skin was as bright as the gold locks that filled her intelligent head. Athens loved to pray and go to church every Sunday. So every Sunday she woke up early at the first break of dawn with youthful excitement and vigor to go for prayers. She believed in God and loved the people she met at her place of worship. The people she met were just normal people like herself. They were not perfectionists or religious fanatics. They shared funny jokes, laughed and giggled with her. She showered and took her breakfast every Sunday.

Sometimes she wouldn’t have breakfast because she was fasting. However Athens looked forward to the soothing heavenly music of worship and praise. While better still she looked forward to seeing her friends and family that prayed from the same place too. She picked out her clothes carefully because she loved to be smart all the time and paid attention to the latest trends in fashion. She made sure she was decent but also very sexy and smart. All the boys at her church loved the way she dressed. They complimented her a lot and even loved her company. She had so many male friends there although she wasn’t dating any of them. One would think one of them was one of her boyfriends and yet it wasn’t so. Athens was one of the friendliest people in the world. She hoped to marry soon but only to someone with a destiny to be her lover for life.


Early one morning Athens filled with excitement of the day to come, walked slowly but swiftly on the near empty street of Lugogo by pass.  The road was almost empty of any cars since it was a Sunday. The clouds hovered closely by, setting the perfect feeling of serene calm. It was the cleanest air to breathe in as the cool breeze of the morning blew softly around making her feel no heat at all. She loved it absolutely that the street had the sublime gentle calmness of a Sunday. She fancied even angels could be walking on this street right now. She saw two Indians walking in front of her. It wasn’t unusual, so Athens did not think much of it since the two Indians walked closely together. They were strangers to her but she could tell they stayed in the neighborhood. She was in high spirits and looking forward to the music in church. She arrived early enough to pray and have a wonderful time. She had so much time these days since she was in a long vacation.


The very next Sunday as Athens was going to church, she saw the same two Indians walking with her on the same near deserted road. She was amazed. They must be brothers she thought. These are the same Indians I saw last Sunday, she said to herself. How so amazing and a coincidence! She wished she could hear what they were saying to each other or what language they were speaking. It was surely a foreign Indian accent. It could have been Hindi or Arabic or something Asian she couldn’t get. She then made her way past them faster to be in front of them. They looked at her briefly as she passed by and then looked at each other thereafter in wonder. They had seen the most beautiful girl they had ever seen! Athens was dressed so smartly in a bright orange dress that curved around her body like the skin itself. She walked like a professional model strutting her famous body on a catwalk. Athens hurried to church that day thinking about the two Indians.


The very next Sunday, Athens was not surprised to see the two Indians on the half empty road again. This time she was convinced that god was trying to tell her something.

She believed in miracles, destiny and the supernatural, though not too excessively to let her fear such encounters. They were so foreign by the way they walked and talked. Athens was convinced that she needed to know them better. Since they were in front of her this Sunday she found herself standing on the same taxi stage that hailed passengers waiting for taxis to take them wherever they wanted to go. Athens looked at the two Indians who were also staring at her with curiosity and laughed. She lifted her right hand slightly and said hello to both of them.


“Hello.” They each said rather unclearly and Athens was glad she had heard the hello though heavily mouthed in Indian accent. As she stared at both of them more clearly Athens was reminded of a famous Al Qaeda terrorist in hiding at the time. This was the year 2004 hardly a long time from the time the terrorist group bombed New York City. What if this was Osama bin laden and his brother? His brother however aroused suspicious curiosity though it was virtually impossible for such a thing to happen in the streets of Kampala. She felt giggly and girlish as she observed the two men. They obviously wondered why Athens was laughing so much but didn’t say anything about it.


The three of them sat in the same taxi heading to town quietly. She didn’t try to say anything. She wouldn’t know what to say to Indians. She looked around her uncomfortably wondering what to say next but rather she made sure it didn’t show on her face. She figured that if she said anything, they would reply in heavy accents that would really embarrass her a little though not so much.


Athens almost pinched herself when a sudden choking smell made her cough uncomfortably. It was as if someone had suddenly spilled incense into the passenger taxi which stung.  It stung her delicate nose like teargas sniffed from afar or chilli pepper. It sent a chill down to the very bottom of her spine but she couldn’t imagine any weapon of the sort killing her or she would have jumped out in a wild terrified screech. Sometimes other people made others look like tiny mice living out in a dark hole. She almost laughed out loud at the thought. She was definitely being too paranoid about the current situation at hand. She was glad to reach her destination when the taxi stopped at her stage.  No body knew their last day or time on this mother earth planet. She was glad today was not her last day.  She laughed a little more nervously to herself. A little laugh of relief to herself thinking that she must have been sniffing some weird foreign Indian spice that was rather repulsive to her any way. She alighted quickly, glad that she was saved the embarrassment of feeling in danger by the two friendly Indians. She looked around to see if everyone else in the taxi had noted the choking smell in the atmosphere but was disappointed not to see any signs of discomfort on the faces of the other passengers.

She walked away then, only glad that she was friendly enough not to feel clumsy the next time she met the two Indians by coincidence on the half empty road on a Sunday morning.

Athens prefered the younger looking one who had no gear on his head. The one with a gear on his head was just like Osama! What a relief it was to be out of that taxi sooner. The foreboding in the air these days was alarming; however no one had had of such terror attacks in Uganda. May be Kenya?

Athens  met one of the Indians again on a week day. This time only the baby faced handsome looking one. He happened to be on the same road they usually met on Sunday. The street was crowded but somehow Athens had managed to see him and he was welcomed by the wide smile on Athens’ face.

“Hello! I am Athens”

“I am Ben.”

“Ben nice to meet you.”

“Thanks.” He said shaking his head as many people shoved past them in the street, and almost bumping into them. It was rather amusing.

“Do you like me?” He asked lightly in an Indian accent. Athens was too shocked to answer that, though she could only shake her head in affirmation.

“Can I have your number?”

“Yes please, Athens pulled out the Samsung immediately and gave him the number. She felt glad to meet Ben again. At least she now knew his name.

“Do you live around here?” She asked.

“Yes.” He pointed towards their house which was so easy to see on the main road.

Athens likewise pointed to the direction where she was coming from and then bid him goodbye from the crowded street which was beginning to make them both uncomfortable. People looked at her curiously as she talked to the Indian. It was kind of unusual but okay.

When Athens saw Ben again she had instead paid him a visit on a Sunday afternoon at his house. She had not prayed that Sunday. Ben was dressed in a bright red t-shirt that really made him the most handsome Asian man she had ever met.

The moment Ben saw Athens, he was excited which showed on his face while hugging her. He was watching an Indian Bollywood movie with his brother who also took note of Athens the moment she walked in.

“Hello, how are you? He greeted. Ben gave Athens a place to sit on a chair next to him. He then offered her a cup of tea which she declined then he asked if she may be given a soda instead.

“Okay, thanks I can take a soda.” She was glad to accept the soda which she took leisurely. However Ben did not let her finish the soda.

“I have something to tell you.” He said politely looking from his brother to her. His brown bright eyes didn’t seem too serious though it made Athens wonder what Ben wanted to say to her that he didn’t want his brother to hear. Athens liked him by the moment because she noted that he was slightly taller than her. Ben was not even fat at all. She felt nervous inside. She had no boy friend and had never had a lover before except for casual boy friends in school who were never committed with her.

Once they were alone in the room, Ben held both her hands romantically and kissed her lightly. It was so amazing. As if he would have anything to say to her, she thought. What would she have expected? They were two opposite sex persons in the bed room where he slept. She didn’t mind his kisses; however, she was scared of having sex the first time and losing all respect from him. So she cautioned him that she was not ready. Athens was glad he didn’t insist. Ben held her so tightly that she didn’t remember anyone ever holding her like that. He was so understanding about not rushing into sex that Athens wished he had made love to her.

Ben and Athens loved each other though fate would soon thrust these two loving persons far from each other. Athens had to leave for another district to study her university degree which meant leaving Ben behind. Ben called her on the phone some times and Athens made time to visit him when she got the chance. Though what took them farther from each other was when Ben had to travel back to India on business. She returned to find that they had re built Ben’s house and reconstructed it to a very large mansion which was not even ready to be inhabited, so he had left. Athens realized that she had been too busy to realize so many of Ben’s physical needs. He seemed to have given up on her because some times she was too busy to visit or call him.

One day as she strolled on the same road that she had met Ben, strong memories brought feelings of sadness and of sorrow. She no longer prayed from the church she used to attend while dating Ben. She had so many friends in this neighborhood and yet Ben had turned out to be the best and most precious of all. She wished God would speak to her again so she said in her heart silently; “show me another good way god! Show me!” it was enough to make her feel better and lighten up her burdensome heart which seemed heavier than lead.

Athens got a sales marketing job. She did not know that more than getting job experience; she would soon meet a good friend. She had dedicated all her time and energy on acquiring skills in marketing and business strategies in the new company she was working for.

One morning as she was on her way to meet a good client she had on the previous day, Athens realized she had forgotten her mobile phone at home. It was so shocking and negligent of her. However she did not choose to go back home and get it. She was just getting out of a hotel when she saw some one who looked like Ben smiling at her. It made her heart skip a beat; she wondered why he was smiling at her because the road was filled with cars that were driving past her. He stopped to talk to her as she looked at him too with a smile. Athens decided to put on her sales personality which seemed obvious to the Indian on the motorcycle waiting to speak to her.

“Hello! I am doing a research on a few products in my bag. They are good for decorations, gifts or children to play with!”

“Let me see.” He said kindly. Athens showed him the dazzling balls.

“I don’t have any children.”


“How much please?”

“Each is twenty thousand shillings. If you take two then it will be ten thousand shillings each.”

“May be next time.”

“okay.” Athens gave up and didn’t try to insist.

“I wanted to give you a lift to where you were going.”

“I am meeting a client in a school a few meters from here.”

“I will take you” Athens could tell this Ben look alike was more interested in her than doing business when he dropped her at the school because he asked for her name which she told with a smile.

“I am Athens”

“Shubr Raatrii is mine. Give me your number.” Athens quickly pulled out her pen and paper with apologies for leaving the mobile phone at home by mistake.

“It’s okay, I will call you.”

“Thanks for the ride.”

“You are welcome.” Athens stood for a few moments to watch the Indian drive off on his motorcycle. He had been so nice and kind to her. She did not know what she had done to deserve so much kindness from him. She thought about his name in her mind all the time she was working that day. She had never known anyone called Shubr Raatrii before. What a name!

Shubr Raatrri was a man of good character and honesty as Athens later found out. He kept his promise to call her that week and promised to also take out on a date. She was so excited. She couldn’t believe how lucky she had been to meet a handsome loving man like Shubr Raatrii.

They sat in the gardens of a popular hotel in Kampala. She knew so many people who had praised the hotel as being awesome and beautiful. She was glad Shubr Raatrii had chosen such a place to bring her. He sat in front of her at a table of two and ordered the waiter to bring their orders.

“What will you have?”

“Whatever you want to have” Athens said nicely.

“I will also want what you want.”

“Okay fried chicken only and may be a soda.”

“Okay.” He turned to the waiter and told him to bring fried chicken. Athens and Shubr Raatrri waited for their chicken while sipping on their drinks and listening to music. Athens was so glad to be seated alone with him. She liked the fact that he was paying so much attention to her. She had a feeling she would fall in love tonight and never regret it.

“How is business?” He said while taking a hold of both her cold hands and rubbing them lightly to make her feel warm.

“It’s okay.”

“Did you sell anything?”

“I didn’t work today, I work only on weekdays.” He shook his head in understanding. When their fried chicken was brought, it was served on one plate with two large pieces that they ate delicately with their forks. It was so delicious and spicy. However more interesting was when Shubr Raatrii’s attraction for Athens heightened with their funny jokes and light hearted laughter .He wanted to kiss her so much that he forgot everyone around them. The waiters were inside the bar with a few customers on tables in front of them. However Shubr Raatrii did not take note of anyone when he held Athens oval face close to him and kissed her softly on the lips with a lot of passion. Athens couldn’t believe how fast Shubr Raatrii had fallen in love with her.

“Let’s go my dear.” He said.

“Okay” Shubr Raatrii was acting so confident that she did not mind the behavior though on an ordinary day Athens would have been embarrassed by being kissed in public when so many people were looking at her. He took her to the parking yard where they had left the motorcycle where he kissed her longer with passion and softness almost making Athens cry with happiness as her heart melted in his arms. She felt much more older and mature. She felt free and independent! Her heart sang with Joy. It was like Ben kissing and loving her once more. Ben and Shubr Raatrii were two different people who brought the same kind of love and affection into her life.

This time Athens was sure god had said she was the most beautiful girl in the world and that even though Ben was gone, he would always be there with her like Shubr Raatrii loving her so much.

Shubr Raatrii promised to take her to his apartment in town. It was so glamorously beautiful. She had never known anyone who lived in the middle of the city with such an expensive apartment as his. It was furnished with expensive rare paintings that interested Athens. He said that they would come to his apartment once in a while when they wanted to be together. Shubr Raatrii kissed her long with passion while in his apartment and later said he wanted to get married.


“Yes I want to marry you and stay in this country with you.”

“I agree, I would love to stay with you.”

“Okay.” He smiled contentedly.

When Shubr Raatrii took Athens back home, she couldn’t contain her joy. She kept thinking about all the nice things he had said which made her feel so lucky. She couldn’t wait to break the news to her parents that she had finally found the man she wanted to settle down with. She knew they would not mind her choice of a man because she was always independent minded and intelligent in her life style. She had found a man who could take care of her and who had so much economic power! She was going to love him forever.

Shubr Raatrii was the best gentleman Athens could have asked for because he did not deny her his presence. She could not remember the last time a man called her on her mobile so often and even sent so many love messages saying;”I love you a lot, I wish you were sitting right next to me now.’ That was like a dream come true. She wondered which good fairy god had sent to watch over her this time because she was sure Shubr Raatrii was the love of her life.

Athens chose to resign from her marketing job one day to work in a company Shubr Raatrii had recommended. She was so excited. He had given her a lap top recently which she used to write so many love poems to Shubr Raatrii on Facebook. On Valentines Day she was treated like a princess with flowers and chocolate and then invited to stay in his apartment.

“Baby…I want you to stay with me.” He was looking into Athens brown face filled with happiness and love for him. He put his lips lightly on hers again while waiting for Athens’ answer.


“Yes of course, here in our house.’

“I would really love to.”

“You are starting work at bright lights company next month. I was told you will be paid one million shillings per month.

“That is okay with me, really honey. You have done so much for me.”

“Is it okay really?”
“Of course.”

“They could increase your salary to two or three million shillings.”

“Wow, its fine.” Athens put her arms around Shubr Raatrii for a long time without letting go. This was now her fiancée.

Once upon a time she had known Ben as a friend. She hadn’t known she would ever love another Indian again until Shubr Raatrii came into her life. She was happy to leave her parents house to live with him. They planned for their wedding every day until they married and Shubr Raatrii revealed that he was so much richer than Athens was made to believe. He had shares in the bank in India which earned a million dollars per month. Who would have thought destiny would bring so much good luck to a beautiful Ugandan woman like her? But it had and she was happy to be loved. Shubr Raatrii swore never to love anyone else except her. Through sickness and health or ups and downs in their business life, they loved each other more than themselves.

Athens had never known so much unselfish love from anybody and Shubr Raatrii had never felt so contented with any other woman except Athens. He would love her forever, he swore every day. He loved making wild passionate love to her body. He would shower her body with passionate kissing on every part her body every night lying next to him. He promised to love her always and they lived happily ever after.





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