Why Girls Break Up With You: Where is the bad bitch?

It feels like I am babysitting!

Immaturity can be really harmful for a relationship. Most women complain about having to deal with immature men who can’t get serious about anything in their lives and we pity them. Cute little childish moments are important but being with an immature guy? No way!

You’ve changed…

Topping the list of breaking up reasons, ‘You have changed’ is a common reason for break ups. Funny as it may sound, changing is not a negative sign unless it’s for the greater good. You can’t remain stagnant for long, right?

His priorities have changed

Not picking up your calls, cancelling a date, cutting down on those gifts (YES), or just any similar reason can make the girl wonder that his boyfriend’s priorities have changed (sometimes yes, sometimes not) and it ultimately leads to the split.

You can’t buy me a Mercedes

We can’t deny the fact that girls are thought to be a little money minded when it comes to being in a relationship and thinking about having a secure future if not bad until it is JUST about money. Right or not, it is one of the reasons for girls to break up!

He smells like a trash can

Are you one of those who broke up with her boyfriend due to his smelly socks? Or stinky breath? Or the worst, because he didn’t wash himself for days together? If yes, we are proud of you that you’re no more with a guy for whom hygiene is just a word.

Long distance relationships don’t really work out

Skype, Zoom,Whatsapp  and phone calls take over those eye locking conversations; you are no longer available for pillow talks, sip coffee together or even for a walk together. Your initial excitement of meeting your other half after months turns into infuriation due to lack of intimacy. You are left miserable. Your patience level gives up and soon what we hear is, break up!

His friend is way more hotter than him

Let’s be honest. Hotness is something that also tops the priority list for women when looking for a boyfriend. Right? And when your boyfriend’s friend is hotter than him, you just won’t be able to keep your mind at peace. Would ya?

My parents don’t like him

Who wants to be constantly crushed between your parents and your guy. Many girls call it quits because they are not able to handle the constant nagging from their parents.

He is not able to satisfy me in bed

And this happens…..

Sexual pleasure is of foremost important in a relationship. Any denial to that? I guess, no. If your partner is not able to give you the pleasure you look for sexually, your relationship will sooner or later collapse.

I think our honeymoon period is over

Everyone loves the honeymoon period. Don’t you? It is full of passion, love and intimacy. And once that period fades out, your relationship misses out on something. You no longer have that spark left and you bid-adieu your relationship soon.

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