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The Challenges Of Living In A Third World

It’s really challenging to live in a third world country and that’s why I will start with my personal experience of what it is like. My objective is for a stranger to understand the challenges Africa as a continent experiences but especially the third world that has billions of inhabitants trying to fight all sorts of things just to make it through the day. They are fighting injustice, sickness and disease, poverty, corruption, racism, tribalism, ignorance and backwardness have become a pain no one deserves to carry around.

Here Are My Top Ten Challenges.

  1. Corruption is my number one. Most students finish school and never even qualify to get employed for years just because no matter how over qualified or under qualified they may be. It has become a problem when you realize getting a chance for a great job in government institutions is corruptible. That’s why I became an innovator and chose to pursue my passions. But it so happens am much wiser.
  2. Ignorance is a huge problem in itself though worse when you meet an ignorant person in a third world like this! They will sneeze in your face or in your food and calmly hand it back to you when corona virus is just lurking in the corner. They don’t even know what it means. Ignorant people are so many and you find them in both the educated and un educated category.  Personally I hate bad toilet manners in public places where you find nobody ever flashes the toile there even though the cleaner has taken a few days without showing up!
  3. Respect is a huge problem around here. Who do you respect? Are you respect-worthy because you have kids, or because you are a good gentleman or woman. I went to law school and every time I feel like I have gone through too many chargeable offenses in the courts of law except everyone might turn around and say am an over educated silly girl. The city is always crowded and when you are a third world middle class down town trying to shop or get a public taxi home, you may be groped but by a man out of the blue and if you are even lucky your skirt or dress is short, its justifiable that he was right, that you wanted him to feel you and definitely everybody laughs off saying you got what you wanted! God help us!
  4. Racism is down here. We are enslaved! Somebody help us! You will be shocked that you can go through racism in your own country which is really very rude and I hope anybody who does it may just stop. It’s absolutely annoying.
  5. Discrimination. This again is so rude when detected. We know that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor but really these fellow third worlders spit on their poor fellow citizens by showing too much intolerance. You find a road in a rich boulevard being repaired while a major highway in a district has never tasted tarmac. Absurd.
  6. Poverty is a huge problem even when you have money. You get jealous stares and people will say you did witchcraft and for a woman of course most times you are labeled mean or evil. So you may try hard to have the best in life with a good heart but still look bad. In fact I noticed that looking classy comes with a price. Everyone will over charge you from the normal price. The taxi will not give you back your change until you back at him and he may charge you of course the highest rate no matter where you highlighted off from. Best advice is use the super market and cringe when you have money because it’s stolen!
  7. Religion is surrounded by a lot of annoying controversy. Religion is good for any society and you find that it’s the cornerstone of creating any strong community. However it’s become a problem since people are confused about who or what is right. Now I want to just enjoy the spirit of God and love in church once in a while. However you open up newspapers and all the pastors you know are on the occult list with media stating their findings and one burnt the Bible, divorced his wife, so now everyone says he is a devil when he still has the church? Are we all lost? Who created Jesus? I hear Jesus should be black not Jewish and someone went and colored him!
  8. I became ALLERGIC to dust. It’s to be found everywhere except inside your house, and which god have mercy on all of us and we wake up one morning not dreaming like little spoilt brats but responsible citizens who want a world free from too much dust except to be found in the desert where it perhaps truly belongs.
  9. Pollution is a problem because it may have a nightmarish impact on your psyche if not strong enough. It comes with a sudden smell of something bad that may stay in your memory for days. Pollution is most annoying as a result of a wrong horrible architecture which sent all sewerage into a bridge in the middle of town. It can even happen at your house until you fire the landlord who didn’t see anything wrong with a drainage passing across your expensive apartment. This third Judi Slot Terpercaya world amazingly has lots traffic jam and the worst exhaust fumes to leave you choking on a hot sunny day.
  10. Power black outs! Spoils a good movie and may leave your cake half-baked in the oven to your chagrin. Imagine a spoilt chocolate cake on a Sunday evening in the oven? I remember one time we were getting ready to enjoy an after party night in the country side and power went off. We had a solar substitute which couldn’t power back the music and by the time the generator worked everybody had gone to sleep. No electricity, no fun,nothing and am lucky I wrote this article using a laptop because I would be saving my work 100 times per minute on a desktop. Not fun.

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