How To Maintain A Glowing Hair Extension


To all fashion and beauty lovers, am excited to be talking about hair extensions today because am a huge fan of them. Talking about how to maintain that beautiful hair extension is going to help you keep it’s glow and shine of freshness to keep your fashion sense appealing. A lot of ladies love hair extensions but just can’t keep up with it’s maintenance demands. Personally I can never get enough of this beauty trend. The look and feel of hair extensions on my Afro head always inspires me for the next one. Ladies should always feel free to express themselves with this perfect trend despite the hard work it comes with choosing, and buying a great hair extension that is perfect with your money. Its great for everyone afro or causian.


-Treat Your Extension With Love:

If you have human hair extensions, you should care for them like gold bars that shouldn’t get all dusty right??


– Try Not To Sleep On Them:

Remove clip-in hair extensions before going to bed as it will prevent them from entanglement. Your hair can damage your clips. When taking out your clip-ins, do so from top to bottom. If you have sewn-in extensions, you can wear a sleeping cap or silk scarf while you sleep.


– Comb and Handle It With Gentleness:

When combing and detangling your extensions, use a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb that will be gentle on them. Remember to always start from your ends and work your way up. Just like detangling your own hair, starting from the ends and working your way to the root will help cut down on shedding and breakage.


-Minimal Washing is Ok: Aways love washing that extension but minimally. If you have sewn-in hair extensions,wash your hair as often as you normally would. If you have clip-in extensions, however, washing your extensions once a month is fine. Remember that clip-in extensions don’t have the natural oils that your hair does, so washing them too often will cause them to become dry and brittle.


-You Can Use a Gentle Shampoo And Conditioner:

Consider using one that’s safe for color-treated hair as your hair extensions have likely been dyed to the perfect shade.


-Avoid Heat Tools As Much As You can:

Your hair extensions don’t have enough oils. So make use of heat-free styling options like a texture spray for styling.


-Use A Heat Protectant: This will prevent heat damage on human hair extensions. Try using a Straight Heatspray before you straighten your (faux) strands.


-Stock and Stock More Styling Products:This will ease your workload!

Use ones that have a gentle formula— Instead of using the same old hairspray you always reach for, instead try your look with something new on the shelf especially with improved editions of product formulas that will save you a lot from substandard products.

Live The Joy Life.


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