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How To Overcome Challenges From An Inter-racial Relationship

Interracial relationships are relationships between two people that belong to different races/ethnicities.
Focus on how happy your partner makes you—not others’ opinions. You shouldn’t let others’ opinions to heavily influence your own. The most important thing is to remember that everyone has had a chance to live their own lives.

Explore your partner’s culture. Learning more about your partner’s identity can help you understand them as a person—as well as how you can participate in their customs and traditions (when appropriate.

Don’t minimize your partner’s experiences.
You won’t always understand your partner’s opinions on certain matters, but it’s important to still make them feel heard. “Partners should seek to be understanding of the feelings and reactions of their partner, even if they don’t understand them.

Work to intentionally make your relationship a safe space.
“Put aside time to shield one another from the world where you can be vulnerable and feel secure.

Create space for open communication, honest questions and answers, hard conversations, and rest—especially when it comes to talking about issues surrounding race and injustice.”

Be receptive to continuous learning.
Loving someone means striving to continuously know the whole person, which is why you should acknowledge that being in an interracial relationships means the learning doesn’t end, even if things become uncomfortable. “Embracing racial/cultural differences, asking questions, and being open to learning is a big part of our relationship, even if it means saying the wrong things.

Seek emotional support outside of your relationship. It’s okay to seek emotional support outside your relationship, especially from people who are rooting for your bond. Navigating relationships of any kind can be difficult, and we all need a support network to help us when things become difficult. When you find that the negativity towards your relationship is beginning to take a toll on you, turn to your friends who you know are supportive of your relationship.

Don’t date someone because you fetishize their race
You should never ever date someone because you fetishize their race. Well, you shouldn’t fetishize a race in the first place, but it’s definitely completely wrong to date someone simply because you feel sexually attracted to their race.

Respect every culture
The fact that different cultures exist in the world is a beautiful thing, and each culture should be celebrated and respected. If you’re going to be with people from other cultures, it’s essential that you respect every culture.

Even if you don’t possibly agree with every single part of someone’s culture, it’s vital that you owe it the respect it’s due. If you don’t start off by respecting a partner’s culture, the relationship can’t really move forward from there.

Speak up when something your partner does isn’t acceptable
You need to feel comfortable enough with your partner for either of you to be comfortable speaking up if your partner does something or says something that you find unacceptable.

Whether your partner offends your culture or does something that’s racially insensitive, you need to tell your partner when they do something that you’re not happy about or comfortable with. This is pretty much the only way you and your partner are going to learn about what’s acceptable for each other, so make sure you speak up.

Connect with people in the same kind of relationship
Interracial couples can sometimes feel isolated and feel like it’s only them that’s experiencing this mash-up of culture and ethnicity. However, it’s obviously not just you that’s in this situation, and to be sure that you don’t feel alone, it might be useful to connect with people that are in a similar situation.

Instead of trying to seek out certain types of people, be open-minded when it comes to who you fall in love with.

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