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Signs You Have COVID-19 Post Traumatic Stress

Are you going through stress right now and would like to know why? I think so many of us are still recovering from the stress. You realise stress is caused by ourselves when we worry too much and it’s also caused by other people who cause us to worry so much. Knowing the signs will help you deal, and resolve the stressful issues in your life and with all honesty I hope we can all try to give care and consideration to the people in our lives who have been affected adversely by the pandemic. This includes and not limited to issues of death,loss of loved ones, business financial losses and even home losses. We need to assure these victims that it’s not their fault, or your fault or even my fault for that matter. Ignoring the issues only makes things worse! As much as we have come out of it alive, and well, we need to prevent ourselves from tearing our communities down by issues beyond our control.

-Do you hate people infected by the virus? People with the virus are victims but can not be hated so this means you are creating unhealthy tension and stress of which you must be a victim as well.

-Do you fear going to the doctor when you have a flu? The first step to proper healing is getting medicated with the right health care services. If you are not doing this then you may be going through too much trauma.

-Do you lack empathy for business communities that lost their capital and investments? You think they deserve what they are going through. You have services that could help them but you feel people should suffer through whatever hit them? It’s wrong to cause this extra tension and abuse without proper precautions. Such behavior is from a person who is also stressed and taking out their trauma on others. The right thing would be to help those in business financial need by offering your services at a free or lower rate to help them cope. E.g if you are a building owner, reducing costs for your tenants would go a long way in helping to reduce the trauma and tension caused by loss of finances.

-Do you attack your leaders as the cause of the pandemic? The leaders in your community are human people with families and feelings that hurt when you say hateful things that include accusing them wrongly without evidence of conniving with scientists to kill off people with vaccines and the virus itself! It’s ok the be critical of our community leaders but it doesn’t add up to make blunt,rude and ungrounded statements that create tension and stress to these leaders. It really means you must be a victim as well.

-Do you hate your family or want to isolate from friends and relatives for no reason at all even when you don’t have the virus? Let’s face it, most economies have been open for a long time, so this means with set standard operating procedures we can live a normal life which is topped by getting vaccinated. So if you are just isolating for no reason at all then it’s wrong. You need to face these fears and find the right inner healing you need.
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