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How To Let Go Of A Forbidden Love

Forbidden love is a topic of great interest in many societies. Do you ever feel like something is keeping you from someone you want to be with? Then this article will help you out as well. You may madly be in love and feeling like there won’t be a life without that one person so many other people don’t agree with but then taking the rails and knowing being in love and being loved matters more than anything and it will help you take the right steps. So lets let’s take a look at how to deal with such a situation.

Forbidden love usually involves two people who are madly in love but forced apart by either families, culture, geographical distance, or other factors. This trope has been known as “Star-Crossed” lovers, meaning that destiny has ruled something cannot be.
Here are a few tips you can try to help you let go of a forbidden love;
Focus on the negative. You are so accustomed to fantasizing about all the things you like about this person that you have overlooked his problems. Make a list of your crush’s bad traits. How would being with him hurt those you love? Write it all down – seeing it on paper makes it more real.

Create some distance. If you have been stalking your crush on social media sites, stop doing it. Block your crush from sending you messages. Instead of stopping by his or her office every morning to say hi, go out of your way to avoid that area of the workplace. Do everything you can to limit interaction.

Get help. Surround yourself with friends who will support your efforts to move on. Find one or two good friends who are not close to the crush and who can keep you accountable.

Replace the forbidden fruit with fruit of a different kind. If you can occupy your mind and body with a new hobby or even a challenging college course, you are less likely to have time to dwell on a lost love. In the process, you might just meet a new crush – one who is not forbidden.

Take care of yourself.
When we break up with someone, we tend to let ourselves go, but take care of yourself, make yourself happy. Do stuff you enjoy more often like shopping and exercising. Everything that can make you happy in a healthy way is welcome. The goal is to keep up your morale and make yourself smile in order to continue turning the page on this impossible love.

Forget about online stalking and mementos.
You could want, even desperately want, to stalk your ex online, but forget about it. Don’t go through their Facebook or Instagram. I know, it’s so tempting, but if you really want to get out of this impossible love, this is something you really have to stop doing. Focus on your own life, your own Facebook, your own Instagram, let your ex live his life and you live yours.

Start Dating Other People. You may never feel like they are comparable but dating other people helps you appreciate yourself more. It doesn’t mean you should rush into a new relationship, but rather to open yourself to new opportunities. Allow yourself to live. Enjoy life. Meet people. However, it is important to never compare these people to “the one that got away.”
Live The Joy Life!

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