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Ryan Gosling’s Bewildered Reaction To Winning An Award Sparks Significant Fan Banter.

At the recent Critics’ Choice Awards, Ryan Gosling’s perplexed reaction to the song “I’m Only Ken” from the Barbie movie winning Best Original Song sparked a wave of online entertainment.

The Barbie star is married to Eva Mendes. The 43-year-old Canadian actor’s apparent shock and somewhat disgusted expression quickly turned into a viral moment, with virtual entertainment users promptly sharing and commenting on his reaction. As the announcement was made at the Santa Monica, California event, Ryan’s furrowed brow and vacant stare captured the audience’s attention, leading to a flurry of reactions online.

One virtual entertainment user humorously noted that Ryan had “created a new meme with this face,” reflecting the immediate impact of his appearance on the internet. Others joined in on the fun, with comments like, “I’m actually laughing at Ryan Gosling’s face hahahaha,” and “Yoooo Ryan Gosling’s face on the ‘I’m just Ken’ song SENT ME!”

Another observed, “If Ryan Gosling knew this win was wrong, it was definitely wrong,” highlighting the actor’s apparent skepticism at the song’s victory. The surprise seemed to confuse not only Ryan but also the broader online entertainment community, as another user commented, “Ryan Gosling was just as confused as all of us.”

Some interpreted his demeanor as shock, aligning with the unexpected nature of the win. A tweet read, “Ryan Gosling being shocked ‘I’m just Ken’ won is so I’m just Ken of him,” playfully connecting his reaction to the character he portrayed in the film.

Amidst the online reactions, one user declared Gosling’s response the “best reaction to an award,” while another joked, “Ryan Gosling a mean girl totally bringing it yeahhhhhh.” The moment even sparked excitement, with a post exclaiming, “WAKE UP Darling NEW RYAN GOSLING Reaction Just DROPPED.”

“I’m Just Ken” was nominated alongside two other tracks from the Barbie movie, “Dance the Evening” and “What Was I Made For,” as well as competing with songs from other films like “The Super Mario Brothers Movie,” “Rustin,” and “Wish.” The award was ultimately accepted by songwriters Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt.

In his acceptance speech, Mark acknowledged Ryan’s contribution, saying, “Ryan Gosling, this is as much your award as ours: You made the audience fall in love with this song with your… performance.” He also extended his gratitude to Margot Robbie, emphasizing her significant role in the project.

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