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Ashanti and Nelly’s Journey to Parenthood Begins

The singer of “Foolish” shared the exciting news of her pregnancy in a clever clip as she prepped for a concert. Ashanti happily revealed that she and Nelly are engaged and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child together.

Taking to Instagram, Ashanti shared a witty video on Wednesday, where her mother and manager Tina Y. Douglas asked her about her pre-show preparations.

“I’m going to need about nine months,” Ashanti quipped, directing a playful glance at the camera.

Confirming her pregnancy to ESSENCE, she also announced her engagement to the rapper behind “Country Grammar,” with whom she rekindled her romance last year.

“This new chapter in my life is brimming with blessings, love, and excitement,” Ashanti expressed.

“Motherhood is something I’ve eagerly awaited, and to share this joy with my family, fiancé, and devoted fans, who have stood by me throughout my career, is truly incredible.”

In a social media post captioned “Baby baby baby baby,” Ashanti joyfully announced her pregnancy with Nelly. Nelly and Ashanti initially crossed paths at the 2003 Grammy Awards and subsequently embarked on an on-and-off relationship spanning about a decade until their split in 2013.

Rumors of their reconciliation began swirling last year, with both eventually confirming their renewed connection.

“Yeah, we’re back on good terms,” Nelly shared on Philo TV’s “Boss Moves.”

“It was unexpected for both of us, really. It wasn’t planned. I think we were both just living our lives. But sometimes, distance brings clarity.”

Ashanti was equally welcoming of their reunion, as evidenced by her choice of accessory—a clutch featuring a 20-year-old photo of the couple—at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

While this will be Ashanti’s first child, Nelly is already a father to four: his daughter Chanelle, his son Cornell III, and Shawn and Sydney Thomas, siblings he embraced following his sister Jackie Donahue’s passing in 2005.

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