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How Men Can Promote Gender Equality In A Relationship

So today we are analysing how Men can have better relationships with their women by supporting them acquire gender equality. Some times and in many cases we are isolated from the persons we deeply love because of gender walls that block the intimacy we are trying so hard to build in order to have better longer lasting marriages and Relationships at large.
It seems like a small speck of dust in our lifestyles but the negative emotions created by this huge gap in our lives is slowly destroying our societies. It has far more reaching effects than we shall ever imagine. So let’s look at this seemingly small speck of dust. It’s in reality a huge forming fire that we should tackle with all the natural love we have.

– There is a growing body of research in family and clinical studies that shows that partner inequality undermines relationship success and that equality promotes it (Cooke, 2006; Frisco & Williams, 2003).

– Can he be accommodative? Accommodation to one another is a necessary part of couple life. If partners equally influence the relationship, then accommodations tend to be reasonably balanced over time. When accommodations are not equal, one partner appears to organize more of his or her life around the other.

– Discuss your goals for your home and career with your partner. This will make her goals matter as well and sharing this brings the two of you together as a team.

– Make decisions as a team as well.
Consider what’s good for both of you, and be clear about each other’s trade-offs.

– Approach the responsibilities of housework and child care as real partners.
Commit to doing your share of daily chores, and make sure work is split fairly

– Show the people in your life what equality looks like.
Model a broader definition of manhood and celebrate your partner’s ambitions. You may have good views about equality but how do you put this into practice? And you can do this without making her feel like she is over bearing.

Live The Joy Life!

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