PJs 2022 Notable African Icons Include: Johann Rupert,Ngina kenyatta And Phillip Emeagwali-The Genius

Ngina Kenyatta Muhoho popularly known as “Mama Ngina”, is the former First Lady of Kenya and currently one of the richest women in Africa,worth $1 billion. She is the widow of the country’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta (~1889–1978), and mother of the current president Uhuru Kenyatta.
In October 2021, the Pandora Papers revealed that she bequeathed part of her fortune in 2017. She and her son Uhuru were unmasked as Client 13173 by the Pandora Papers. The report stated that the Kenyatta family had offshore investments including a company with assets worth at least $30 million.

Johann Peter Rupert is the second richest man in Africa and the kind of person to inspire his fellow country men. He is a South African businessman, and the eldest son of business tycoon Anton Rupert and his wife Huberte. He is the chairman of the Swiss-based luxury-goods company Richemont and the South Africa-based company Remgro. Since April 2010, he has been the CEO of Compagnie Financiere Richemont. Rupert and family were ranked second-richest in South Africa on the 2021 Forbes list, with an estimated net worth of US$7.1 billion. He is currently worth 8.1 billion as of 2022.

Philip Emeagwali is a Nigerian computer scientist, considered a genius by his fellow Africans and therefore a great symbol of the necessity for literacy and education among Africans. He won the 1989 Gordon Bell Prize for price-performance in high-performance computing applications, in an oil reservoir modeling calculation using a novel mathematical formulation and implementation. He is known for making controversial claims about his achievements that are disputed by the scientific community.

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