Edward Waddimba On Living Life Purely As An Artist

Waddimba is a multi-talented artist with a lot going on for him. He shares the extraordinary experiences that have brought him on a journey of hope and achievement for the Ugandan cultural sector. His personality,creativity and love for what he does are some of the things every artist will find so intriguing about him. Now you are all bettors Slot Online with all the available opportunities, then the online Judi Slot casino game apk will be able to be played by all players around the world. The process is even more enjoyable when you can play it on the go, rather than being stuck at home using your PC or Mac, not being able to time play properly.

Unique art works made by Waddimba

Who is Edward Waddimba?
From to date he has been the President of the Uganda visual artists and designers association (UVADA)
From 2017 to date he has been Chairperson of Arterial network Uganda affiliate.
From 1999 to date he has been the Founder and CEO of Wesart studio and Wesart interior and exterior design.
From 2008 to date he has been the Founder and Director of Edro gardens and art space in Gayaza (Cultural entrepreneur)
From 2010 to date, he has been the Co-Director Edro designs ltd (Fashion house)
From 2016 to date he has also been the Co-Director Agwata cultural troupe.

Wesart Interiors by Edward Waddimba

“I worked with the KCCA (Kampala City Authority Council) carnival from 2013 to date as an Artist and supervisor of all KCCA carnival floats that engages more than two million people.”
“I worked as a Facilitator and supervisor of the KLAART014 regional tours. As an arts association secretary then of Uganda Visual Artists and Designers’ Association (UVADA), there was a partnership with 32 degrees East, an organization body of KLAART014 in partnership with Bayimba to allow UVADA conduct all the Ugandan regional tours to identify new talent through workshops.
“I participated in a two days’ Intellectual property and traditional knowledge program organized at hotel African by the World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Uganda assisted by the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB)”

KCCA Carnival pictures

“I participated in JAMAFEST which is held biennially (Jamuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki Utamaduni Festival) in 2017 in the Visual arts National organizing committee, Visual arts pavilion at Kololo independence grounds sponsored by East African community heads of state, the East African community ministry of cultural affairs and the ministry of gender, labour and social development on behalf of the Republic of Uganda.”

Solo exhibitions
2002 “ exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Soul searching” Kampala Uganda
2004 “Interior design and the functionality of art” at Goethe institute, Kampala-Uganda
2005 “Fairy tales of Africa” sculpture exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda
2006 “Women empowerment” exhibition at Makerere art Gallery, Kampala Uganda
2014 “Nalumansi- the fantasy of a rural lady” exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda and in
Group exhibitions
1994 group exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda
1998 group exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda
1999 group exhibition at Goethe institute, Kampala Uganda
2000 group exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda
2003 group exhibition at Institut Française, Kampala Uganda
2004 group exhibition at American club, Kampala Uganda
2007 group exhibition at Tulifanya gallery, Kampala Uganda
2012 group exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda
2013 group exhibition at Kabira country club, Kampala Uganda
2013 group exhibition at FAS FAS art space, Kampala Uganda
2013 group exhibition at Afriart Gallery, Kampala Uganda
2015 JAMAFEST East African group exhibition at BONZO Gallery, Nairobi-Kenya
2015 The East African connect group exhibition at the Russian embassy, Nairobi- Kenya
2016 The East African connect group exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala Uganda

What inspires you as an artist and for how long have you been one?
“Being raised by a single mother and grandmother, I devoted to my art and draw my inspiration from issues that affect and influence women. Especially in the today world where women are getting more and more empowered and the issues that come with it.”
“I have been practicing art since 1999.”

Please share some hard lessons to learn from with fellow artists.
“Living purely as a visual artist is really challenging but as artists we need to see art not only as a commercial product but also take it deeper to address other issues
What do you stand for as an artist?
Does your art solve or address any problem affecting your society or other societies?
Does it inspire anyone?
Have you looked at copyright/IP issues?
How do you make your sales or contracts?
Is your art original and genuine? Etc”

How do you see yourself in the future of the art that drives you?
” I believe I don’t do art for art’s sake ,my art is here to stay,create change and inspire others. So my art is to take me places.”

What is UVADA?
“Uganda Visual Artists and Designers’ Association (UVADA) is an umbrella organization that unites all visual artists and art related organizations in Uganda with a mission to promote and protect the interests of the artists.”

What impact has it had on the cultural scene in Uganda?
It unites all visual artists, designers and art related organizations in Uganda
It promotes and protects the interests of the Visual art profession and safeguards the welfare of its members.
It stimulates and encourages emerging and established artists by organizing exhibitions, seminars, workshops, conferences, debates, lectures, talks and creative competitions with a view of advancing cultural and literary, in addition to imaginative and artist faculties of members and visiting visual artists.
It promotes and coordinates visual arts and cultural research in Uganda
It provide means for cooperation of visual artists and expression of their collective opinion upon matters affecting the aesthetics and artistic expression, the teaching and interpretation of art.
It participates in the formulation and implementation of national policies regarding arts and culture in Uganda

What is the Arterial Network?
“Arterial Network is a dynamic Pan-African, civil-society network of artists, cultural activists, entrepreneurs, enterprises, NGOs, institutions, and donors active in Africa’s creative and cultural sectors. Established as a member-based, non-profit organisation, Arterial Network operates all across the continent in both English and French, and is led by an elected Steering Committee which represents the five regions of the continent. Arterial Network’s five core focus areas to support the arts are advocacy (through the Artwatch Africa project), capacity building, market access, knowledge management and information dissemination. Its Continental Secretariat is now based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, as of the 1st of February 2017. Arterial Network celebrated its 10th anniversary in March 2017 in Abidjan.”

What impact has it had on the artists involved?
“We involve artists in capacity building sessions slot online gampang menang, Copyright and IP awareness’ ,teach them about freedom of artistic expression, introduce them to collaboration and funding opportunities.”

What does it take to join the Arterial Network and UVADA?
“UVADA is a membership association, one has to pay an annual membership fee of 50000/= for professionals and 30000/= for students. This is done after filling a form that can be picked at the association office at Nommo gallery or download it at the association fb page.”
“Arterial Network is open membership for now for those in the culture and creative industry.”

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