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Beware of Romance Scams: Here Are The Tell All Signs

Have you ever met someone special on a dating app, only for them to quickly ask to communicate off the platform? Be cautious! You might be falling into the trap of a romance scam.

Romance scammers often create fake profiles on dating websites or reach out through popular social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. They’ll shower you with affection, claiming true love despite living far away, perhaps due to work obligations or military service. Then, the requests for money start rolling in – for plane tickets, emergency surgeries, or other urgent needs.

These scammers are experts at manipulation, building trust through frequent communication before fabricating a convincing story to solicit funds.

In 2021 alone, people reported a staggering $547 million in losses to romance scams, marking an 80% increase from 2020. Shockingly, most payments were made via gift cards, with cryptocurrency transactions topping the list for the costliest payments.

Here are some common lies romance scammers tell:

– They can’t meet you in person due to various excuses like being stationed abroad, working on an oil rig, or serving in the military.

– They’ll request money for medical expenses, travel tickets, visa fees, or even assistance in cryptocurrency investing once trust is established.

– They’ll provide instructions on how to send money quickly and irreversibly, often through wire transfers, gift cards, money transfer apps, or cryptocurrency.

Remember, scammers use urgency and emotional manipulation to pressure victims into immediate action. Stay vigilant, and if something feels off, trust your instincts. Don’t fall victim to their deceitful tactics!

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