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Alec Baldwin: New Charges Unveiled in Rust Film Set Tragedy

Alec Baldwin is set to be arraigned on a new involuntary manslaughter charge in connection with the tragic shooting incident on the Rust film set that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in 2021. This comes nearly a year after similar charges were initially dropped. The case, presented to a grand jury in Santa Fe, alleges Baldwin’s responsibility for Hutchins’ death due to negligence or a disregard for safety. Baldwin, who served as both an actor and co-producer on the film, maintains he did not pull the trigger.

The prosecution’s case centers on Baldwin’s dual roles, emphasizing both his position as an actor handling the weapon and his responsibility as a co-producer for production safety. Previous dropped charges were reconsidered after an independent forensic test concluded that Baldwin would have had to pull the trigger for the live round to be fired.

Baldwin’s defense characterizes the situation as a “terrible tragedy” turned into a “misguided prosecution,” expressing anticipation for their day in court. Others involved in the incident, including the film’s assistant director and chief weapons handler, have faced legal consequences, and civil lawsuits seek financial compensation.

Baldwin reached a confidential settlement with Hutchins’ family, and Rust Movie Productions paid a $100,000 fine to workplace safety regulators. Despite the legal hurdles, the film recommenced production in April of the preceding year, with Matthew Hutchins, the late cinematographer’s spouse, taking on the role of executive producer.

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