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Roma’s Mourinho Exit Raises Stakes for Chelsea with £37 Million Lukaku Deal at Risk

Roma’s recent decision to dismiss manager Jose Mourinho carries potential financial implications for Chelsea, with a £37 million deal in jeopardy if certain conditions are not met. Mourinho’s departure from Roma, announced earlier this week, raises uncertainties about the future of Romelu Lukaku, who is currently on loan with Roma, and has an option for the Italian club to secure him permanently once the loan spell concludes.

Mourinho, known for orchestrating major transfers, including the loan deal for Lukaku from Chelsea at the beginning of the season, faced challenges in securing the Belgian striker. Late in the transfer window, failed negotiations with Inter Milan and Juventus led to the agreement with Roma. Inter couldn’t meet Chelsea’s demands, and Juventus faced backlash from their fans over signing a player who had previously played for their rivals.

The loan deal with Roma marked the third collaboration between Mourinho and Lukaku, with Roma covering Lukaku’s wages. Reports suggest Roma has an option to buy the forward for £37 million. However, the fate of this agreement is now uncertain following Mourinho’s sacking, and the appointment of Roma legend Daniele De Rossi as his interim replacement.

Should Roma decide against making Lukaku’s loan deal permanent, the striker will return to Stamford Bridge at the end of the season, with two years remaining on his contract. Owners Ryan and Dan Friedkin expressed gratitude to Mourinho for his commitment but emphasized the need for immediate change in the club’s best interests.

De Rossi, reflecting on his appointment, conveyed his indescribable emotion at leading Roma but stressed the urgency to be competitive and achieve the team’s goals. The Friedkins expressed confidence in De Rossi’s leadership and ambition, believing it will be decisive in pursuing the team’s objectives until the end of the season. They acknowledged the strong bond between De Rossi and the club, citing his enthusiasm for the challenge as evidence of his ability to guide players and represent the club’s values proudly.

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