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John Oliver Takes a Swipe At Elon Musk’s ‘Thin Skin’ Amid Ongoing Feud

In a recent encounter with TMZ, John Oliver didn’t hold back as he weighed in on his ongoing feud with Elon Musk, expressing that the Tesla CEO indeed possesses a “thin skin.”

The rift between Musk and Oliver ignited when the comedian playfully mocked the tech magnate on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight.” Speaking to TMZ on Monday, Oliver remarked, “He’s definitely sensitive. That is a biological fact.” Reflecting on Musk’s disposition, Oliver added, “You’re going to have to track him down and ask him. I don’t know. That’s a thin skin. I cannot possibly pretend to guess what is in that man’s mind at any time. He seems wounded.”

Musk, not one to shy away from a Twitter spat, fired back at Oliver after the December episode aired, criticizing the comedian’s recent comedic style. “It is rather tragic to see an otherwise capable comedian like @iamjohnoliver become weak sauce,” Musk tweeted on January 2. The billionaire further explained, “The reason he is not very funny these days is because he is too keen to pander to wokeness, which is fundamentally a lie, whereas great humor requires revealed truth.”

In response, Oliver expressed his confusion regarding Musk’s accusations of being “woke.” “I don’t think he could explain what that means, and I think it means nothing. I don’t know literally what he’s talking about,” Oliver retorted to TMZ.

Despite the ongoing exchange of words, Oliver had reason to celebrate on Monday, as he clinched two Emmy awards for his outstanding work on “Last Week Tonight.” This latest accolade brings Oliver’s total Emmy count to an impressive 16 awards for the series since 2016.

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