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How To Make A Self-Defense Pepper Spray

If you are a single woman staying alone, you are gonna thank me for this. But if you are not and haven’t thought about having this dangerous weapon, then you may be wondering why you need pepper spray? Definitely not to spray your partner or husband blind but for self defense against unforeseen assault, robbery, rape,etc. You may have moved into a neighborhood that is not safe and basically if you got attacked,what would you do? Fighting off an offender will be worthwhile with your very own pepper spray. A good single spray can be used on multiple people and that too from longer distances. Some latest spray packs are capable enough to spray up to a distance of 20 feet with full effectiveness. Ladies find it an economical solution for self-defense needs.So let’s get into it right now.
So How Dangerous is Pepper Spray? In most cases, the immediate effects of being sprayed in the face with pepper spray include a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat but can also cause difficulty breathing and temporary blindness when the eyes swell shut. Here is how it’s made.


  1. Peppers ie chili peppers as they seem to be the hottest of all peppers
  2. Black, tabletop pepper, added for coughing effect
  3. Water
  4. Something to brew the spray in
  5. Container for the finished product
  6. Something to crush the pepper
  7. Funnel
  8. Goggles for safety only, optional.

Step by Step Process:

  • Add the Peppers.
    Get about enough water so that when you add the peppers, their just barely floating. With some sort of spoon or something else, crush the peppers until all the seeds come out. After that you can add some black peppers.
  • Fill up with water and Heat it up.
    Fill the container up with water and put it in a microwave. You may also boil the water, as that may be more effective.
  • Pour Solution Into Bottle for Spraying.
    Use a funnel, hopefully, and pour it into the bottle. Find a small, concealable bottle, preferably one that will continue spraying when trigger is held.
  • You’re Done
    well that’s it. Thats how you make pepper spray. Its effective for up to two weeks. Have fun spraying but try not to blind yourself.

NB: There are several other recipes you could try out but we think this is ok. Stay safe and Live the Joy Life!

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