Amazing Products To Make From Plastic Bottles

Recycling has become an interesting topic in the economy and there a lot of opportunities for enterprenuers. How do you contribute positively to your environment without getting into recycling?? We are dealing with garbage issues everywhere, from the kitchen waste to the office trash. Nevermind, don’t throw anything out of your office window. In our local urban centers, plastic litter can become a nightmare but unknown to most people, we could actually turn these plastics to amazing stuff for reuse and resale. Here is a brief article to inspire your creativity. I personally made storage containers from my mineral water bottles, and decided to get extra ideas and it’s amazing how unique my idea came out without looking at Pinterest ideas. Check out the picture below;

Tailors supplies.

Make A Garden
This is the most popular way around big plastic bottles. The bottle is well prepared by punching in holes and adding soil for the required plant. These can be flower pots, flower gardens or real organic food gardens.

Create Recycled Plastic Bottle Supply Cups.
Office building waste is one of the leading contributors to the rise of landfills but instead, reuse the plastic bottles to make cups for housing pens and supplies at the office, or craft supplies at home.

Create a Piggy Bank Made From a Reused Plastic Bottle.
Repurposing plastic containers can save you money in more ways than one. Create a plastic bottle piggy bank and start cashing in on your craftiness.

Create Home Decor or furniture from your bottles. 2 litre soda bottles are best for this job. You will need some fabric for sowing it all up together and a video from youtube on how to properly fix your furniture.

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