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A Brief Guide To Preventing Liver Disease

Your liver is a large and complex organ. It is responsible for breaking down and eliminating naturally occurring toxins as well as many types of medications. It also acts as a chemical factory, producing bile (necessary for digestion), clotting factors, other proteins in the blood, as well as cholesterol and various forms of fats. The other major function of the liver is to store and release carbohydrates.

Just performing its duties makes your liver vulnerable to injury. For instance, deactivating potentially harmful drugs and medications is a hazardous job. Drug breakdown can damage liver cells and result in acute or chronic liver disease. Preventable factors that may damage your liver include alcohol and drug abuse, medications, infections, and certain health conditions. The most common causes of liver disease are:

Viral hepatitis
Alcohol use disorder
Medications and supplements

  • Take Caution With Alcohol consumption
    Just four ounces a day of hard liquor for men (two for women) can begin to scar your liver.
  • Wash produce and steer clear of toxins
    Pesticides and other toxins can damage your liver. Read warning labels on the chemicals you use.
  • Prevent hepatitis A, B and C
    For staters, you should get vaccinated: Hepatitis A and B are viral diseases of the liver. While many children have now been immunized, many adults have not. Ask your doctor if you are at risk.
    Practice safe sex: Hepatitis B and C can develop into chronic conditions that may eventually destroy your liver. They are transmitted by blood and other bodily fluids.
    Wash your hands: Hepatitis A is spread through contact with contaminated food or water.
  • Be careful and Watch out for medications and herbs
    The number one reason clinical [medicine] trials are stopped or drugs removed from the market is the liver. The National Institutes of Health has a database of substances known to be toxic to your liver, so please be careful.
  • Exercise and eat right
    Avoid fatty liver disease by avoiding obesity.

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