A Breakthrough Science With Dr.Muhammad Lutaaya “EasywayBlackseed”

Dr Muhammad Lutaaya is a successful entrepreneur, father, husband, and above all a nutrition doctor who cares about his patients. He believes that hearing his story can help others have the same hope and understanding of what Blackseed can do for them if used correctly. His excitement is so infectious,we hope you get it too.

1. Let’s start with your biggest inspiration to start up a company that treats people with Blackseed

It all started while I was in high school when the best dematologists I approached in Kampala city couldn’t heal my viral infections and later the strong medications given to me later after 5 years ,damaged my liver without my knowledge. The doctors could never tell me the truth about this and it changed my whole life. The constant infections and worry led me to alot of research work and later to an Italian woman who told me about black seed. She prescribed it as the medication I could trust with my health and it was true as I decided to use it and when it worked I thought I would spend my whole life telling people about the great benefits and powerful healing power of Black Seed. This plants is Nigella Sativa with seeds that have been used to make medicine for thousands of years. I knew I could survive.

2. Where do you get this amazing Blackseed from?

I Source it from Turkey, Egypt, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.

3. What’s your biggest achievement in this Business?

Got enough money to travel to Mecca which was my best experience and am also happy that as a company we are recognized by the National Drug authority and recommended by doctors and pharmacies all over the country for treatment.

4. Do you have any personal clients that have experienced the same healing power of black seed? Tell us just a bit what their story is like in a few lines ofcourse.

We have endless testimonies though my most interesting story is of a mother who had a child with holes in her heart but got recommended to Easyway Blackseed products. This parent had an expensive surgery schedule in India she had only paid 50% of the required fee. She had almost lost hope. However she testifys that the child currently has improved and attends her daily school activities normally after being medicated with this amazing herb.

5. Successful stories from our communities inspire us too. So please give us a motivational piece of advice.

If you want to be successful, it’s about putting God first in your personal life then learn to sell to everyone and anyone you meet. Hard work pays off, may take time but it pays.

6. Easywayblackseed is a big conglomerate with an awesome online presence. Tell us where to find you and indeed we are posting a map of where to get hooked with Easyway Blackseed products.

Please find us in Wandegeya market, South wing and shop us online at
Jumia.ug as a five star product.
Get in touch with us every month for our product activations at city square.

7. Give us a conclusion of why Blackseed could change people’s health lives forever.

My dream is to leave a legacy of having changed people’s lives to believing in the power of herbal products.
There is a hypothesis that the first doctor in the world must have used Nigella Sativa because there isn’t any other more powerful herb with more medication abilities like Black Seed. The ancient Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is quoted to have said black seed is the cure of all things except death. This great advice to use black seed only reveals the big secret behind so many of our current pharmaceutical drugs as products from this very plant.

Remember to get the right dosages when you choose to use it or you can visit the doctor before you start with it’s usage.
Live The Joy Life!

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