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How drinking Too much Alcohol Affects Your Health

I hope you can learn to drink just a little like me because from what I just found out, even what we call responsible drinking is BAD for your health. Apart from the usual consequences that may include mishaps such as reckless driving, violence or just plain alcohol poisoning, here is a lot more of what will happen to most people in the long run when they drink too much.

Over time, excessive alcohol use will lead to the development of chronic diseases and other serious problems including:

– High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and digestive problems.
– Cancer of the breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box, liver, colon, and rectum.
– Weakening of the immune system, increasing the chances of getting sick.
– Learning and memory problems, including dementia and poor school performance.
– Mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.
– Social problems, including family problems, job-related problems, and unemployment.
– Alcohol use disorders, or alcohol dependence.
Take care and Live The Joy Life!

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