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How Eating Lipstick Affects You

You have probably heard this warning several times but ignored it. But as a person who loves lipstick too,then you must find out, the way to keep wearing your lipstick safely without eating it. While most of us love wearing lipstick, it’s a struggle to keep it on for a long time. This is because you tend to eat your lipstick while you are talking, licking your lips, or eating and drinking. Apparently that’s why you notice that your lipstick has faded and by the end of the day some people may not notice that they even had lipstick on at the beginning of the day. So what’s going to happen next?

According to experts, lipsticks and lip glosses contain toxic chemicals, such as cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, and various toxic metals.
If a lipstick contains lead and you ingest even small quantities of it every day, it
can affect the kidneys, heart, brain, bones, and digestive system. Likewise, metals such as aluminum can also be quite dangerous for the body as it is a neurotoxin, meaning that it can affect a person’s brain and the central nervous system.

So what’s the Solution?? I know it feels like hell if you are going to have to throw it away.

The experts say you may get away with the dangers of lipstick if you use lipsticks that are paraben-free and smudge-proof, and are formulated to stay on the lips for longer durations. Check the ingredients as well so you can stay away from any toxins.
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