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How To Get Soft Lips

It doesn’t matter what occasion or season you are in really, because you constantly need to keep your lips soft and supple and for some it maybe a struggle. So here is a great article on what you can do to have everlasting, soft lips

to be sensually proud of as well.

CARE FOR YOUR LIPS with a trusted lip balm. The skin on our lips is so soft and thin that the blood vessels can be seen through it. That’s what gives our lips their red colour. Our lips don’t have any sebum or sweat glands, which are responsible for supplying our skin with oil and moisture.

REMOVE EXCESS SKIN CELLS by massaging your lips with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water or a homemade scrub. Do this as often as you can.

STOP THE CHEWING ON YOUR LIPS because itdries out the sensitive skin.

AVOIDING TOO MUCH SALT will help. For example the salt in certain snacks unnecessarily drys out the lips.

PROTECT THEM FROM ELEMENTS by covering your mouth when outside as cold air and wind will be particularly drying for the lips, so it is helpful to cover them with a scarf to protect them.
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