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Inside The Worlds Oldest Existing Hotel

The amazing Kongo Gumi, is the world’s oldest existing company established in 578 AD while the second oldest existing company is a beautiful hot spring hotel in Japan. This really means that it has been in operation since its foundation and existed for more than 200 years. That’s amazing right?? This is not even a government owned company and it means real hard working people are behind this long standing company and we are glad to recognize it. And if you are a person who loves adventure then lets get into it straight away.

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is a hot spring hotel in Hayakawa,Japan. It was founded in 705 AD by Fujiwara Mahito, son of an aide to the 38th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Tenji.

In 2011, it was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest hotel. This 37-room hotel has been managed for over 1,300 years by the same family. It is located near the Akaishi mountains and derives its hot water from the nearby Hakuho Springs.

The hotel has a kaiseki restaurant, and a moon-viewing platform. As of 2019, all rooms and facilities of the hotel have free and password free Wi-Fi. Tatami mats and classic art furnish the rooms. The staff wear nibu-shiki (two piece) kimono.The hot baths’ machinery pumps 1,000 liters of naturally heated water per minute and there are plans to double that capacity. The hotel features public and private hot spring baths (onsen). Two private ones are on the first floor and two public ones are on the fourth floor. The entrance and lobby is on the third floor.

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