Six Surprising Benefits Of Vodka To Your Health

I have used vodka as a preservative and to improve my own home made perfumes and that’s why it’s amazing to rediscover a little more info on what vodka can do for you.

– It Keeps Your Mouth Clean.
Naturally vodka is a disinfectant, and many of the commercial mouthwashes we have seen on TV contain alcohol. So definitely it can work on its own as well to give you a fresh breathe before you decide to kiss in a bar?

– It May Protect your Heart Health if used wisely from the very start like all things!
In one study on pigs, researchers found that both wine and vodka reduced protein oxidation in the heart — although only wine significantly relaxed blood vessels. Protein oxidation can contribute to the hardening of blood vessels and stinks all-round when it comes to heart disease. So if vodka can keep this potentially harmful chemical process at bay, then we can trust it with our heart.

– Neutralizes Odors And Cleans Out Really Well.
Vodka can get the stink out of most things and it’s a bacteria killer. So you can use it to clean:
*your feet or armpits, shoes and clothing,
surfaces, linen, oily kitchen utensils,
the gunk left behind after removing a sticky label,
toilet rings,
red wine, grass stains,and that pretty jewellery!

– It May Reduce Inflammation in Some instances.
According to the Arthritis Foundation, enjoying a regular drink could reduce your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (with extreme moderation).

– Kills The Germs/ Bacteria.
It’s worthy noting that every vodka is not a germ-killing machine. The CDC recommends that you should use a solution that’s 60 to 80 percent alcohol to serve as a disinfectant. That means you’d need a vodka that’s 120 to 160 proof and you would be on the safe side.
That said, I would like to see my readers enjoy their glass of vodka but not go out and drink excessively since extreme use of alcohol is actually harmful. So please do not drink and drive,drunk.
Live The Joy Life!

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