Top Protective Gadgets Against Intruders And Attacks Without Using A Gun.

Thanks to technology, if you are a woman or vulnerable to attacks, you can take careful measures to protect yourself with the latest technology on the market right now and honestly speaking the world is not as safe as we may think. Whether it’s at office, at work or with friends anywhere at a party. Sometimes the friends you are with can disappoint you and who are you gonna run to? These tech gadgets will let you smile or breathe some fresh air when you need it 

This list is also my favorite because you will get these gadgets anywhere on your local online store or just around the corner without searching too much for it because even on Amazon you may find some of these gadgets sold out. The amazing thing though is that this technology has also been around for so long that if you are into innovations, you may just assemble one of these to make it a profit making venture. So now let’s dive straight in;


Just think about having peppy spray as well. This has been around for ages especially for women who may regularly get assaulted. It helps keep you safe from any attackers.

This handy case though attaches onto the side of an iPhone and can be activated simply by detaching it from the phone. As soon as the canister is detached, it’s ready to fend off any attackers. The spray has a 5-foot range and sprays for 6 1/2 seconds. Don’t worry about accidentally spraying yourself, because the SmartGuard spay is locked while still attached to the phone. Once the spray has been used up, simply attach another small capsule and the weapon is good to go.

Have you heard about the taser gun right? It doesn’t kill though if your attacker isn’t healthy,it could kill instantly. This is it.

It’s a device first created by the US Military that allows one to deploy tasers from a farther distance. This advanced projectile grenade can be deployed using a gun with a special attachment. The Taser Grenade creates a 50,000-volt charge, so if you’re shot with one, there’s no way you will be able to get away.

Most of us may have seen this in movies and we all can say it’s really cool. Realistically if you are fond of writing contracts and doing business with people you can’t trust then this pen would just be the thing you need albeit to even walk safely back to your car late at night from a long meeting!

These self defense pens were made by Schrade. They are widely used by law enforcement officers, fire fighters, outdoor enthusiasts and regular people.
The ‘Schrade Tactical Pen’ has been constructed from CNC machined 6061 aircraft aluminum and measures roughly six inches in length. This indestructible defense tool is also an amazing writing tool that can be used for everyday use. They feature a matte black finish with one of the best ink cartridges on the planet.

There is a genuine reason why we hold a flashlight or touch in the dark. It’s basic instinct here because attackers may just pop out of no where even when you are in a dark basement in your own house!
This baseball bat flashlight is marketed as a tool that “provides self defense against a threat or physical assault.” The flashlight is corrosion-resistant and has an anodized aluminum bat frame for added bludgeoning force. The flashlight is also described as being able to blind would-be assailants and could also be used for a quick getaway. Whether you simply need a source of illumination or something handy to protect yourself with, this baseball-shaped device is fully equipped to handle both of those needs.

This is all amazing tech to keep you safe without instantly killing someone with a gun. Remember to keep safe and keep your loved ones safe as well.

Live The Joy Life!

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