The Latest Office Gadgets You Should Be Using By Now

Are you getting ready to have a beautiful yet more standard working environment for the year 2022? Albeit, having the right technology and gadgets for your office is the first step to getting your work space better organised and convenient for a flexible and smart professional working environment. That’s right, and we are excited about it too. Here is a list of office gadgets we think you should be using by now. They will help you handle those small frustrations at office more effortlessly so your life at your desk is much better.

This reusable notebook wipes clean, so it’s an eco-friendly way of taking notes. After using a Pilot Frixion erasable pen to write as normal, just wipe away your work with a damp cloth. So it works like a whiteboard, but feels like pen and paper. There’s also an app which lets you scan and store your notes, so you can save and send your work and doodles.

Meet mini Henry Measuring just 10 by 6.5cm, is a novelty office gadget that picks up your biscuit and sandwich crumbs so you can have a clean workspace. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and has a bendy nozzle for those spots that tend to get missed by the regular wipers.

It is a smart mug which not only keeps your coffee hot but allows you to set a specific drinking temperature using the Ember app on your phone. The app also notifies you when your cuppa has reached your preferred temperature. With a built-in battery, your tailored brew stays at the selected temperature for 80 minutes which gives you plenty of time to get distracted in the office and forget you even made a cup of tea. You can even pop it on the charging coaster to keep it fuelled up and ready to go.

Having an air purifier in your home, or at least the rooms of your home where you spend the most time is an easy way to dramatically improve your quality of life. This air purifier is self-regulating, meaning it’s only running when it detects contaminants in the air. Given the invasion of corona viruses, just get it! It has a sleek design and a quiet hum thats easy on the ears. Replacing the filters is also quiet easy. If you can’t get this particular one, rest assured, you can get a portable air purifier for the office.

Never run out of smartphone battery again with this wireless charging mouse pad. Enter the phone charging mouse pad, which justifies its footprint by serving two ongoing needs. If your phone needs a boost, just drop it next to your mouse while you work.
However, not all designs work with all kinds of phones, so it’ll be important to do your research to make sure your handset is compatible. On the other hand, some models are large enough to charge a laptop, should you care to use it.

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