The Historical Truth Behind The White Wedding Dress

The traditional white wedding dress is something we have grown accustomed to at weddings and yet you also get to see different sophisticated brides set out to have their own versions of a wedding dress in different color preferences like cream,pink, blue or even red. They make it unique for themselves but it’s not the same and quite like wearing your traditional white wedding dress. The white wedding tradition is celebrated globally due it’s foundation in Christianity. So most people especially in Africa will have their cultural traditional wedding and thereafter a church traditional white wedding! This is a lot happening but let’s head right in with this amazing story of the traditional white wedding dress.

The white wedding style was given a significant boost in 1981, when three-quarter billion people—one out of six people around the globe—watched Charles, Prince of Wales marry Diana Spencer in her elaborate white taffeta dress with a 25-foot-long train. It became the most influential white wedding of the 20th century. The dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who described it as a dress that “had to be something that was going to go down in history, but also something that Diana loved”, and which would be “suitably dramatic in order to make an impression”. Diana personally selected the designers to make her wedding dress because she was fond of a chiffon blouse they designed for her formal photo session with Lord Snowdon.

Princess Diana wedding dress

However, the tradition of a white wedding dress is more commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white court dress at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Debutantes had long been required to wear white court dresses and long white gloves for their first presentation at court, at a “Drawing Room” where they were introduced to the queen for the first time.

Etiquette books then began to turn the practice into a tradition and the white gown became a popular symbol of status that also carried a connotation of innocence and virginal purity.
The wedding veil symbolised a belief that brides were naturally too timid to show their faces in public until they were married.

Color Wheel Pro describes white in association with light, goodness, innocence, purity and virginity. White is also often considered to be the color of perfection.

Other significant meanings for white in psychology include it as the color of new beginnings — wiping the slate clean. The color white is associated with a blank canvas, just waiting to be written on. Its in Western culture often associated with beginnings. Christ after the Resurrection is traditionally portrayed dressed in white. In Christianity, children are also baptized and first taken in communion wearing white as sign of holiness and purity.
Choosing a white wedding dress will thus bring up all these amazing symbols and significncies that make the wedding ceremony a well founded traditional activity with a lot of symbolism for your future marriage as a bride!
However the modern bride has in most cases already lost her virginity but doesn’t mean you can’t wear white? It’s still beautiful and glorious.
Live The Joy Life!

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