Big Day Perfect Bridal Makeup Tips

Whether you’re working with a professional makeup artist or going the DIY route, make sure you know what you want. Basically you should know how you want to look in pictures and even in the face of your groom right? Getting the right make up for your big day should be easy after you take careful considerations before the day.

Many brides are anxious and worried about what to do and even some may just want to give up on the whole idea of makeup but then, really that’s absurd! Let’s get into it.

Doing a full makeup trial before the wedding will help. Make sure your foundation and concealer match with your skin tone.
Beauty starts from the inside out: Get plenty of sleep, drink water, and maintain a regular skincare routine.
This is the absolute time to use waterproof products. Get water-resistant eyeliner and mascara. Use eyelash curler on your natural lashes before applying the first coat. It may be more difficult to remove, but you don’t want streaks of eye makeup running down your face on your big day.

If you’re going to wear false lashes, practice beforehand, to make sure they’ll stay on. Use a little highlighter or light-colored eyeshadow on your brow bone to emphasize your eyes, but stick to matte eyeshadows to avoid reflecting too much light in photos.

Keep your personal style, hair color and hairstyle, wedding dress, and the vibe of the wedding itself in mind when planning your wedding makeup.
Remember the weather too: A hot weather or summer wedding might call for different makeup than a rainy or winter wedding, for example. Are you going to sweat and need waterproof makeup? Is the wedding outside and you need SPF?

So you are looking forward to being a beautiful bride on your wedding day? Goodluck to you.

Here is a Checklist to remember:
– Choose a lipstick or balm you feel great and comfortable in.

– Drink lots of water before the big day for a natural beauty face.

– Make sure you have a makeup trial all done.

– Use waterproof products.

– Find a good balance in your beauty look.

– Make sure your foundation matches on to perfectly!

– Apply moisturizer before a self-tan when you decide.

– Keep a few products On-Hand like lipstick, translucent powder or blotting papers for shine on your day.

– Use a teeth whitening product
a few months before the big day for that perfect smile to light up on your beauty face.

Live The Joy Life!

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