Amazing Facts To Get You Exercising

Here are the most amazing fun facts about exercise to motivate you get a great fitness routine. Starting up your day with a fitness routine is all about having the right attitude, goals and objectives regarding your body health.

-Improve your work out performance with music by over 15%.

-Improve brain performance with cardiovascular exercise which helps create new brain cells.

– Exercises will burn those calories!

-Exercise 3-45 minutes a day to prevent signs of aging

-It boosts your immune system,meaning you get sick less often.

-With exercise you can increase the number of endorphins that are released into your body and increase your productivity.

-The sweat releases dirt through your pores, which reduces acne and breakouts.

-Working out can enable you sleep better.

-Increase muscle strength by regular exercise.

-Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body. It beats approximately 100,000 times per day, pumping almost 2,000 gallons of blood.

-When you exercise, you breathe more often to keep oxygen levels in your blood at appropriate levels.

-The knee is the largest and most complex joint in your body.

-If you can’t speak a few words without taking a breath, you may be exercising too intensely.

-Being dehydrated reduces exercise performance.

-People who cross-train are less prone to injury than people who do the same type of exercise regularly.

Happy exercising and Live The Joy Life!

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