Things To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

Most people love to prepare themselves and I thought writing something about valentine’s day would be great especially for netizens because we already feel the season. I read a beautiful article suggesting the Things We Should Avoid Doing on Valentine’s Day.So this topic has become so interesting. Am beside myself with amusement. This is what was written in my own paraphrase;

I think, just to keep things safe and for your own sakes,you should keep things on the safe side. Am not going to detail it so that you can do whatever makes you happy but others may not be happy with you!
So consider;
-Do not buy flowers.

-Do not have the ‘sex’.

-Do not buy anything heart-shaped.

-Do not Send ANY anonymous Valentine’s card!

-Do not Pretend to have a good time.

-Do not Propose marriage!!!!!

-Do not and you don’t need to go out for a meal.

– DON’T Surprise anybody with balloons!

-Dont Dump your partner…

-Don’t hang out with your single friends or

-Go on a blind date.

-Do not Send Valentine’s cards to your kids.

-Do not send poetry – particularly a poem you’ve written yourself!

-Do not send chocolates: why!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Season!
Live The Joy Life!

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