A Perfect Formular Matters: Consider These Foundation Points

The moment you understand what type of Foundation coverage you want to usually have for your skin is great until you realise the health of your skin is at risk and which is mostly your number one concern. So then what should you do? Cover up? Oh nah nah nah. We will need to deal with a heat rash or acne breakout without ignoring the healthy needs of your skin. So while you are considering this, you need to make sure your foundation isn’t clogging your pores and causing a bad breakout.


So to begin with, here is what we are considering.

The main skin types are dry, oily, and a combination—of other issues boiling down to dullness, dehydration, and sensitivity too. Think about your particular skin issues; one foundation might work like magic to cover up redness, but is comedogenic (which can cause acne flare ups if you’re prone to breakouts)


Powder (or mineral) Foundations can work for oily complexions, but you should avoid if you suffer from dryness. If you are leaning towards powder, make sure you’re in a specific climate that’s dry and cool since powder turns darker when it gets wet.


When it comes to liquid and cream foundations, oil-free formulas are great if you’re dealing with sensitive, breakout-prone skin.


Look for products that are non-comedogenic and non-comedogenic simply means a product is specifically formulated to not clog your pores. You can also find makeup with active, acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid. But more notably there are great labels like Clinique with great admiration for protecting your skin. So you can look out for those brands offering protective Foundation when you need it!


Different formulas can be used to give the skin a dewy look, or a matte look, but you have to know what your end goal is.


In conclusion, its important to address particular skin issues separately for a natural beautiful look that allows your skin to breathe throughout the day—rather than looking for a foundation to fix every other issue.

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