Apply Powder Foundation Like A Pro In A Few Steps

Prepping the skin for powder foundation is a must. Make sure your face is clean and start by applying a thin layer of moisturizer. Opt for a lightweight option to do the trick no matter your skin type.

Use A Blush Brush
When it comes to applying a powder, your traditional foundation brush may not be the best pick. A blush brush has the best circumference for applying powder foundation — it allows you to manipulate around the nose, under the eyes, the hairline, around the chin, and so on.


Pick up your preferred powder foundation and slowly begin buffing it in gentle circular motions onto the face, forehead, cheeks and chin. Avoid applying powder foundation close to the eye area.

When Applying, Don’t Bend Your Bristles!
When you’re buffing in your powder foundation you can avoid heavy caking by making sure you do not press the brush too hard into the skin. If your bristles bend then you’re using way too much pressure to apply the foundation so instead use a light hand to help melt the product into the skin like a pro.

Remove Oil From The Skin Before You Touch Up
Throughout the day, if you need to touch up, take a dry sponge or blotting paper and absorb spots of oil on the face before applying another layer of your powder foundation. If however you put powder on top of oil, you will create a recipe for oxidizing, a bad thing for sensitive skin. So always lift up oil before applying another layer of powder when touching up. This method will also help your powder foundation last for longer hours on end.

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