How To Apply Liquid Foundation

We are excited to take you through this makeup conversation further so we can all have the basics at hand. So how do we apply liquid foundation because it can be messy with no ideas at hand to start with? Here we are,here here,live The Joy Life:

-The most trendy tool to use is a classic beauty blender brush according to experts.


The Beautyblender was designed to provide an easy, airbrushed finish. When using this application technique, make sure you wet your sponge first. This is key to achieving even coverage and minimizing product absorption. Simply run it under the sink for a few seconds until the sponge is saturated and plump. Then, dip it into the liquid foundation you put on the back of your hand and use a dabbing motion to apply it.
Make sure you work it to wherever your neckline starts.

-Next Method is Your Fingers.
Wash your hands in between every makeup step. This will avoid color transfer while also keeping germs and any other impurities your hands encounter from contacting with your face. Once your hands are dry, apply a bit of foundation onto the back of one hand. Dip your fingers in and spread the product gently around your skin, starting in your T-zone and blending out.

-Using a Brush
When using a brush, it’s important to choose one with synthetic bristles. Natural bristles can be a bit porous, meaning they can absorb some of the product. Synthetic bristles will keep the liquid foundation on your skin, exactly where it’s supposed to be.

So no matter what application method you choose, you should start with a primer to even-out the texture of your skin (your forehead, for example, is typically more oily than the cheeks, so foundation will look different on different areas of the face if you don’t use a primer). Keep in mind that foundation shouldn’t be applied like moisturizer. You want foundation to look like skin, so just use foundation where you need it rather than rubbing it all over.

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