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Use Honey For A Beautiful Glowing Skin

One of the best natural remedies for a beautiful acnes free skin is honey due to its potent anti bacterial properties that have been proven over the years. And what’s the best way to use it for a clearer, healthier skin?

Honey is full of flavonoids, hydrogen peroxide, and phenolic acid dermal benefits. “Raw, unpasteurized honey is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful players to get the job done when needed. Raw honey has several potential health and skincare benefits, including antimicrobial effects and wound-healing properties.
These properties may make honey an attractive alternative therapy for people living with certain skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema.
This is how you need to use it for effectiveness.

A person can apply raw honey to a wet face and leave it for around 20 minutes before washing it off thoroughly.

Lemon and honey face mask:
Lemon essential oil can be a great addition to honey for a face mask because of its vitamin C content.

Combine 2–3 tablespoons of honey with a drop of lemon essential oil.
Leave the mask on for 15–20 minutes then wash off thoroughly.

Note however, that a person should be careful when applying lemon to broken skin as it may cause burning due to its citric acid content.

Try these other face mask ingredients with alternative additional ingredients to make a face mask:

-Essential oils
-Egg whites
-Coconut oil



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