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The Common Beautiful Lies Men Tell Their Women

I came up with the idea to compile such a list after I realised I have probably dated classic liars but to my amusement some of these people are currently in my life so I haven’t told you guys the latest classic lie am hearing! It’s a beautiful lie ofcourse and I really wish I could share my exact list here but I think I would do in another post to pin the more common lies coming up!
Please take time to read this and hopefully it will help you right now.

If you hear these lines from your man, boyfriend or husband? You may have to think twice and pay more attention to your partner because they forget that they giving out the same common lies we have heard everywhere!

-Come over. …

-I like all your friends a lot. …

-I would never fantasize about another woman in bed! …

-I can’t wait to meet your parents. …

-I hate strip clubs. …

-I have no idea why my ex is texting me. …

-You’re so much hotter than all the other girls I know. …

-That’s the best sex I’ve ever had.

More lies from an explanatory perspective. Generally people lie and we need to understand and deal with the issue right?
– I’m single
This is a very classic one. Men seem to lie about their relationship/marital status all the time.

– I love you
The reason for this is usually to a woman to get into a relationship with them and to make her comfortable enough to have sex with them.

– It’s only you, I swear
Says the man who has a side-chick somewhere, and a baby mama pregnant with his second illegitimate child.

– “No sex before marriage”
He’ll say; “I promise not to have sex since that’s what you want” but once you say yes and enter the relationship, it’s a different ball game entirely.

– “I’ll put just the tip”
When a man tells you he just wants to put ‘only the tip in,’ you know he’s really feeling the konji and would say anything to get laid.

– “I will not move. Lemme just put it inside”
Another lie like the one above.

– Sexual prowess
Men are also pretty good at painting a picture of themselves as the ultimate love-making machines.

They whet your appetite and make you ready to open up to them… but when the time comes to actually act on all those fantasies they have created in your head… they’re done in 2 minutes.

– They lie about their whereabouts
For example, “I’m at home” when they are out with the guys or at their side chick’s place.

– Lies about money
Unmarried men often try to impress women by lying that they have money, when they actually do not.

Married men lie to their wives that they do not have money, when they actually do.

– Their source of income
Shout out to the Yahoo boys and other people who can’t proudly tell people about the kind of job they do.

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