Why You Should Watch Promising Woman

Promising Woman is PJ’s best movie of the year. We just picked it…Alright! I like movies that will inspire somebody in a broad and clear picture. So this movie is a must watch! However if you feel like it’s too much feminism, you will still love the screen drama. Writer-director Emerald Fennell (a showrunner for TV’s Killing Eve) lands a stiletto jab with judi slot online her feature debut, and Carey Mulligan is demurely brilliant as the appropriately named Cassandra. She is a med-school dropout and emotionally wounded sociopath who lives at home with her parents and spends her evenings in clubs, pretending to be falling-down drunk in order to entice predatory men to take her back to their place, each murmuring tender reassurances to the effect that he is a “nice guy”. Cassandra has a surprise in store for these men. Fennell and Mulligan show that she doesn’t need to take out a weapon – she needs only to produce her icy sobriety at the correct moment, to switch with exquisitely timed scariness into a unbefuddled character asking these nice guys what they are doing.

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