Read A Book on Us From The Best New Thriller Books of 2021 In Prickly Juice Awards

Joy Feelings mag has the excuse to bring out it’s years fav groups with PJs Awards. However this list was easily borrowed from Pan macmillan 2021 Best New Author Releases. This genre is absolutely fantastic! And if you are bored by reading..but try this list for our sakes because it will completely relax your mind.

Red Wolves

Connecting the dots between a daring escape from a Cairo prison, an assassin who kills with a single touch and a vicious drug war enfolding on the streets of America, ex-MI6 officer Scott Pearce uncovers a plot to unleash a devastating toxin on the world. Pearce doesn’t abide by the the espionage rulebook and he’s in a desperate race against time to stop this deadly threat.

Red Wolves is the second stunning novel in the Scott Pearce series from bestselling author Adam Hamdy.

by THORA Hjörleifsdóttir

Twenty-year-old Lilja is in love. He is older and beautiful, a Derrida-quoting intellectual. He is also a serial cheater, gaslighter and narcissist. Lilja will do anything to hold on to him. And so she accepts his deceptions and endures his sexual desires. She rationalizes his toxic behaviour and permits him to cross all her boundaries. In her desperation to be the perfect lover, she finds herself unable to break free from the toxic cycle. And then an unexpected ultimatum: an all-consuming love, or the promise of a life reclaimed.


Rabbits is a secret, dangerous and sometimes fatal underground game. The rewards for winning are unclear, but there are rumours of money, CIA recruitment or even immortality. Or it might unlock the universe’s greatest secrets. But everyone knows that the deeper you get, the more deadly the game becomes – and the body count is rising. Since the game first started, ten iterations have taken place . . . and the eleventh round is about to begin.

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