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Planning For A Great Holiday

Do you get so bored when its holiday time?

You wonder what you will do or worse what you are going to do with your kids in all this time and yet you are really glad it’s a holiday for you to relax and have fun. Some adults will be tempted to keep working from home which is a bad idea because it takes away your freedom to enjoy the holiday period. This will certainly be a great opportunity for Joker 123 to provide you with the greatest variety of prizes from each game, and we will also not forget that player satisfaction is our top priority.

Things To Do During The Holidays

The holidays just ended for the schools here in Kampala and most parents are relieved the kids can finally get busy again, do something responsible and albeit relieved that the kid is going to have something distractingly useful to do from sitting around lazy or getting into trouble with the neighbors. Parents who worry about their children a lot will even take them to boarding school where they are sure to be constantly supervised by the teachers. I realized that even myself growing up, having something to do over the weekend wasn’t easy though I wasn’t the overly naughty kid in the house, so I remember my holidays would mostly be spent home or visiting my grandparents. Wonder what you did? I have a list of things you can do for you and your kids. Time you took that vacation and holiday time seriously because it’s a time when families get together.


Do you know how to bake or want to learn how to bake? This is the best time to do all the baking you know about in your kitchen and even learn a few new things from a recipe book. These moments when you treat your family to something freshly baked are unforgettable. You don’t even have to worry about something not coming out right, because you and your family start talking about these things every holiday, which brings fun and warmth into your lives.

Get your craft on

Get crafty and make something beautiful with the skills you have. For example you could sow, paint or sing and just let yourself come out creatively to make your holiday more interesting than it usually is.


Imagine how good your home would look like if you made it a habit to decorate with the help with your kids. It will make them interested in keeping the house orderly and clean as they start to participate in its maintenance through decorations especially if the holidays are getting into the Christmas season.

Have a movie marathon

Kids and adults alike love watching movies. So turn the cinema on in your house. You can even make it more interesting if you planned to have a projector that can fill the whole wall to make it magical. But all that isn’t necessary at all because, just having a new collection of movies that you and your kids can watch together will definitely transform your holiday into a beautiful one.

Throw a (low-key) party.

You know how people love parties? Why not throw one at home, and it doesn’t have to be something extravagant. Buy a few food items you can prepare at home yourself and invite a friend or two and hurray, you are ready to go. It will be so memorable because we all love partying but shouldn’t wait to get invited all the time.

Cook something Good and different.

Cook something new or different from a recipe book. Have you eaten Chinese food before? Or can you treat your family to an African dish from for example, Nigeria? Do that and you will see how beautiful your holiday turns out.

Do something really useful

Do something useful at home and or make your kids do something, like clean the yard, take out the weeds in the compound or dust the ceiling, or mend a chair, etc.

Plan for a holiday.

A great holiday is planned beforehand even before the holiday season starts. You plan where you want to have it and how you are going to spend the time. All your efforts will be paid by a well-organized holiday spent well.

Have a kids MasterChef competition at home

Do you want your kids to learn how to cook or be more responsible in the kitchen? You can make this fun by having a kid’s competition at home, award marks with their cooking and they will definitely love and enjoy it.

Go swimming.

In Kampala you may find only 20 percent of the 100 percent children know how to swim. If swimming is not in your child’s curriculum, why not make an effort to teach them yourself? When children start growing up to be independent and start going out unsupervised regretfully some parents lose out their children in accidents like drowning which could have been avoided at an early stage in life. So make sure to teach your children some swimming skills.

Make laundry weekends fun

That time when you are doing laundry can be made fun. Get all your kids involved by letting them iron and fold the clothes or even help with the washing if they are old enough to do it.


Play board games.

Buy board games and play with your children like scrabble or chess. Such games are fun and addictive so no worries for these kinds of games for a holiday, it will help you spend your quality time well.

Play puppet show at home.

Get those funny puppets at home and start playing with your kids. Make life more interesting by creating theatrical characters that you and your family members can always remember and then each of you can play a part.

Go on a picnic

Plan a great picnic on the beach or in a park near you or even out of town so that you and your family can have a day outside your house for a change. A picnic is easy to organize as you only need to pack all your food to eat outside your home. This is so fun,be sure to do this in your holiday.

Have a picture-taking contest.

Get a camera and take pictures and even make a contest with your kids out of it. This is a great way to remember that time you spend together as a family.

Hold a campfire storytelling.

You can plan for a campfire in your backyard or at friends place and do a story telling evening for your kids.

Do brain teasers.

Brain teasers are great. They not only tease the mind but entertain it as well. This can be done right before dinner time or after dinner time. Whatever time you may choose, they are a great way to have fun and engage your mind as well.

Have fun gardening with the kids.

Do some gardening in a little garden in your home or start a new garden of flowers, plants or vegetables. Kids will love helping out especially when you decide to explain to them the process of gardening and make them participate in watching the garden everyday which includes letting them water or weed out the plants.

Create a photo album comic book.

Get old newspapers or magazines and create a photo comic book. You may decide to let your kids draw some pictures to add there as well. Then you avail some old magazines and newspapers in which they can cut out these photos.

Make mask crafts.

Make mask crafts for your kids which they put around their faces and let them play characters.

Go for a bike ride.

Do you have a bike and its left in the garage? Just take it out at least during the holidays and ride around the neighborhood. It’s a great way to revamp and even exercise

Play badminton

It’s great to play badminton in your backyard or compound. It’s fun and easy to set up, so make sure to try it out.

Enjoy home karaoke/video.

Get those home theatres out from under the table and even buy a small microphone to entertain yourselves. You can let your kids sing along to their favorite songs as you watch!

Go to theme parks and botanic gardens.

Plan for a trip to a theme park that lets you spend a day doing so many interesting things with other people.

Car wash fun

Let your kids wash your car during the holiday. Save some money and do not take it out to the washing bay. You can join in the fun of washing and you realize you have something more interesting to do at this time.

Visit the museum.

The museum is one of the most interesting places to visit in the country and a tourist attraction as well. You will always meet tourists at the Uganda museum or any other museum in any country. It’s always an adventure in a way because you get to observe all the preserved cultures and inventions put in one place. This is a great family outing for you and your whole family.

Have a DIY training with Daddy

Daddy always has a skill he can teach to his children like repairing a radio, or making furniture. This Do It yourself training is great for the whole fmily to enjoy.

Learn music lessons.

Hire a tutor or join a choir and have music lessons. You can make this better by owning a piano and if you already have this then practice and also help your kids learn how to play it.

I honestly hope you can now plan to enjoy your holidays better with your children just back to their school term again. Doing a bit of this will definitely make it worthwhile.

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